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                Should You Use More Than One Analytics Platform?

                Most folks have Google Analytics (GA) installed on their websites these days. It’s easy to set up, user-friendly, and free! But as businesses grow (and run into some of the data sampling limitations of GA), it’s natural to start questioning some things: Is the data in GA trustworthy? Is GA’s channel attribution accurate? Am I...

                How to Create a Successful B2B Campaign on LinkedIn

                If you’re a B2B advertiser starting your first campaign on LinkedIn, there are key components you should know before you begin advertising. The most valuable element about LinkedIn is its powerful interest-targeting capabilities available on the platform for advertisers. For instance, you can target LinkedIn members based on the information stated on their profile, such...


                Why Your Sponsored Product Ads are “Ineligible”

                Having trouble advertising your products because Amazon is marking them as “not eligible”? If you’ve ever dabbled in PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, you’ll know that your ads may sometimes get disapproved by Google/Bing due to some policy violation. Amazon has a similar set of guidelines for Sponsored Product Ads. Should you not abide by these guidelines,...

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